Presenting The Scandal


My newest contemporary romance novel, The Scandal, is now available. It was a fun book to write. Part of me wished I could have kept writing it forever, and I almost got my wish as I had to make many last-minute revisions. It was a stressful at times, but certainly worth it in the end. I’m pleased with the final result and I hope you’ll l be as well.

The Scandal is the story of soap opera actress Lauren McAllen. Lauren has had a long, successful run on The Seas of Destiny, a top-rated soap. She’s leaving the show to pursue a film career. Luck appears to be on Lauren’s side. She is soon offered a supporting role in a feature film, but before the camera starts rolling, Lauren finds herself in the middle of a scandal that rocks Hollywood.

Now that the book is complete I’m going on a brief hiatus. As much as I love writing, I have to take a break from time to time. My dogs will be so happy. I’m going to do some photography and play with my piano. I may even take a road trip or two.  I’m already formulating my next book in my mind. It’s called, The Rival. I’ll start working on it soon, but for now I’m going to go outside and play.

The Scandal is available on Amazon and

Marina Martindale