Like It or Not I’m Back by Popular Demand

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Earlier this year I deactivated my Facebook account. I even posted an article about it on this blog called, I’ve Closed Out my Facebook Account and I Couldn’t be Happier. Facebook has become toxic, and I could no longer deal with their shenanigans. However, many of my friends have told me they miss seeing my posts. Then a website consultant I work with highly recommended reactivating the account because my Facebook business pages would improve my overall visibility on the web.

So, like it or not, I’m back by popular demand, but only on a limited basis. I’m there to post to my business pages. I won’t be spending much time with my personal account, and I damn sure won’t be commenting on other friend’s posts. Not because I don’t care about them, but because that’s where all the trolls always came from. A friend would post about the sky being blue. Several of us would comment and say, “Yes, the sky is blue.” But, evitibily, some asshat friend of theirs would target me for harassment and bullying, even though others had also commented that the sky was blue. Perfectly okay for them to bully me, but if I tried to defend myself Facebook would come after me, and not them. Apparently you can bully people all you want on Facebook–you’re just not allowed to defend yourself.

I deactivate, I don’t delete

So I’m back, for now, but I may go back and deactivate my account from time to time. And, by the way, deactivating your account isn’t the same as deleting your account. Deactivating your account is like putting it in the freezer. No one will see it or have access to it while you’re away, so no worries about anyone posting on your timeline. Then, when you’re ready, all you have to do is reactivate it, and you’re back to where you left off.

So the lesson I learned from all of this is that it’s perfectly okay to take a break from Facebook, and I may still go back and deactivate my account from time to time. In the meantime, if you’re on Facebook, here’s a link to my business page, and I hope you’ll give it a like.

Marina Martindale

I’ve Closed Out my Facebook Account and Couldn’t be Happier

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As a romance author, I’ve been told, many times, how important social media is for promoting my books. And while it’s certainly a good tool, times have changed. Social media simply isn’t what is once was.

I was on Facebook for nearly a decade. At first, it was a lot of fun, and a good place to promote my books. I also reconnected with family and friends I’d lost touch with. But that was then, and this is now.

Facebook has changed, and not for the better. Once word about Facebook privacy violations became public I noticed my ads no longer had the reach they once had. People were closing out their Facebook accounts. Others were spending less time there.

Because I’m an author, I thought I had no choice but to put up with Facebook, even though I too no longer wished to be there. Then came the other big issue. Censorship. Facebook was targeting certain groups, such as conservatives and Christians, for censorship, but not others. For me, this is completely unacceptable. The same rules must apply equally to all.

Like many others, I’ve had enough of Facebook’s shenanigans. Author or not, I was done. So I took a deep breath and deactivated my account. And you know what? I feel so much happier for doing it. It’s like ending a bad relationship. At first it’s upsetting. Then you feel a sense of freedom and relief. It’s like having your life back.

In lieu of Facebook, I’ve started up a newsletter. I’m spending more time blogging, more time writing, and more time doing other things I enjoy. And, interestingly enough, my book sales are up.

Please don’t feel that because you’re an author or artist that you have to be on Facebook, because you don’t. There are alternatives. Blogging is a good place to start. Just saying.