Meet Craig Walker

the Evil Villain from THE STALKER

A photo of a man sitting in front of a computer.
© Can Stock Photo / Elenathewise

Few things are more fun about this job than creating truly evil, nasty, vile antagonists. And when it comes to mean, nasty and downright evil, Craig Walker from The Stalker is an absolute delight.

A writer by profession, Craig met leading lady¬†Rachel while working as a staff writer for a regional lifestyle magazine. Rachel considered Craig a mentor, but he had much bigger plans for her, and they went well above and beyond being her mentor. Those plans, however, were suddenly foiled when she accepted a promotion he felt she didn’t deserve. Unaware that she had applied for the position, he reacted with rage, and after an ugly confrontation she ended the friendship. Craig, however, had no intention of letting Rachel go. He began stalking her, long after the magazine went out of business. Craig wants Rachel, and he intends to have her at all costs, whether she wants him or not. Now he’s come up with plan for getting his way with her, once and for all.

The inspiration Craig came from a man who stalked someone I knew, and he made her life miserable for years.