Meet Shane MacLeod

Leading Man from THE STALKER

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My editor loved Shane. She thought he was the best leading man since Alex Montoya in The Deception, and she has a point. Both will do whatever it takes to protect and defend the women they love, and both were “nerdy” kids when they were young.

Rachel and Shane went to the same high school, but they had different circles of friends. Shane hung out with a couple of other nerdy kids, known as “The Math Club.” Rachel was on the yearbook committee, and she took their club photo. She may not have noticed him, he certainly noticed her. Fast-forward to their ten year class reunion. Shane has gone from a nerdy teenager to a handsome, accomplished man. He soon spots Rachel and invites her to join him at his table. Rachel accepts. The two quickly become friends, but little they know that another man from Rachel’s past intends to destroy her, and he will stop at nothing to get to her.

Like Alex, Shane is a purely fictitious character not inspired by anyone I’ve known in real life. Tis a pity indeed.

By the way, if you liked, The Deception, you’ll certainly like The Stalker. Along with similar leading men, both leading women have enemies who intend to destroy them at all costs. There is also a supporting character who appears in both books.