Meet Rachel Bennett Leading Lady in The Stalker

A woman with blonde hair sitting in front of a computer.
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Rachel Bennett, the leading lady in my latest romance novel, The Stalker, has a serious problem. A man from her past is obsessed with her.

A graphic designer, Rachel has recently returned to her hometown of Tucson, Arizona. She’s come to attend her ten-year high school reunion, where she’s reintroduced to Shane MacLeod. Shane was a fellow classmate whom she briefly met while serving on the yearbook committee. Rachel may not remember Shane, but he certainly remembers her. As they’re busy getting reacquainted, another man from Rachel’s past suddenly reappears. Craig Walker, a former coworker, has been stalking and harassing her for the past few years. And no matter how hard she tries to seek justice, the system keeps failing her.

Fortunately for Rachel, it’s all about to change. With Shane’s help, things finally appear to be working in her favor. But unknown to both of them, Craig is about take his revenge, and Rachel’s life will never be the same.

Rachel was inspired by an acquaintance who was once hounded by a former colleague. She’s a courageous woman determined to regain control of her life, and she’s not afraid to back down from a fight.

Marina Martindale