Meet Maggie Andrews

The Queen of Mean in The Deception

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Sometimes the villains I create in my contemporary romance novels are downright disturbing. Maggie Andrews certainly fits the description. She’s the woman readers love to hate in The Deception.

Maggie is the last person you would ever expect to be so mean. She’s a stay-at-home mom who’s married to Scott, a software engineer. They have two typical all-American kids and live in a nice home in the suburbs. She and Scott also share a passion for art collecting. Maggie believes she’s living the good life. Unfortunately for her, Scott has been leading a double life, and her perfect world is about to be shattered.

Every morning Maggie likes to grab a second cup of coffee and catch up on her email. That is, until one fateful morning when she borrows Scott’s laptop. She’ll accidentally discover something she never wanted to know, and her heart will break. However, whatever sympathy readers may feel for her will be short lived. A darker side of Maggie will quickly emerge as she hatches a twisted plan for revenge which, in the end, will have potentially deadly consequences.

Maggie is purely fictitious character. While not inspired by any specific individual, many of us have undoubtedly encountered people like her. Maggie is a spiteful woman who’s incapable of forgiveness, even after those who have wronged her have apologized. She’s also the personification of the concept that two wrongs never make a right. This is why readers love to hate her.

Marina Martindale

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