Meet Louise

the two-faced villain in The Deception

Photo of a middle aged woman with glasses and strawberry blonde hair.
Photo by Fotolia.

We’ve all known people like this. People who are sweet as pie to your face and pretend to be your best friend when, in reality, their only interest is in using you. With friends like that who needs an enemy, right?

Meet Louise Dickenson, one of the antagonists in The Deception. Louise is more than happy to be your friend, provided you have something of benefit to her. This makes her a great antagonist. She’s the kind of woman we love to hate.

Louise is a semi-retired photographer. Years before, she shot the print ads of leading lady Carrie when she was a child model. The two forged a friendship, or so Carrie thought. Later on, Carrie became a commercial photographer herself, and Louise mentored her.

Louise is now an art photographer. She’s just picked up a private commission for a series of a female nudes. She also has a show coming up at a local art gallery. Louise plans on including the nude photos in her upcoming show. But first, she needs a model. Knowing that Carrie is down on her luck, Louise decides to help her by offering her a well paying modeling gig. But when Carrie hesitates, Louise skillfully calms her fears by convincing Carrie that she really is trying to help her. The experience, however, leaves Carrie feeling manipulated and exploited. And as events unfold, she’ll discover that Louise was never her friend.

Louise is a fictitious character, loosely based on a family member who was also a master manipulator.