Meet Hal Tyler

the Un-Evil Antagonist in The Journey

A man working in healthcare holding a tablet.
Photo by Fotolia

I seem to have gotten into the habit of creating some really evil antagonists. So much so that they’re even scaring me and leaving me wondering where on earth are these people coming from? Then my good friend and fellow author, David Lee Summers, explained to me that the antagonist doesn’t always have to be an evil villain. He or she could simply be someone whose goals are contrary to the protagonist’s goals. So, after listening to David’s comments, I’ve come up with an antagonist who has no evil intentions. 

Harrison Tyler, or Hal, as his friends call him, is a nurse practitioner and one of the antagonists who appear in The Journey. We first meet Hal during a time when leading man Jeremy is missing and presumed dead. Cassie, Jeremy’s wife, is still recovering from an auto accident. As luck would have it, she meets Hal at a medical appointment. He happens to be filling in for someone else that day, and immediately falls for Cassie. Her brother-in-law, Larry, is also there. Larry thinks Hal is a decent guy, so he encourages Cassie to go have coffee with him. A reluctant Cassie finally agrees, just to get Larry off her back.

Cassie sees Hal as a friend who’s come into her life at a time when she really needs one. To Hal, however, Cassie is a rare find. And while he hasn’t quite fallen in love with her, but he knows he wants her, and he’s willing to wait until she’s ready. If that means having to be persistent, if not a little bit manipulative, so be it. His intention isn’t to cause any harm. He simply wants to make Cassie his, before it’s too late.

Hal is a purely fictitious character and not inspired by anyone I’ve ever met in real life. He’s a nice guy in the awkward position of wanting something he can never really have, but still trying to reach for it anyway.