My New Blog

Black and white image of Lake Havasu, Arizona.

Don’t worry, Marina Martindale’s Musings will still be here. However I’ve started up a new photography blog.

Like writing, photography, is one of my life’s passions. Must be why some of my characters, like Carrie Daniels in The Deception, and Danny Woodruff, in The Letter are photographers as too. I’ve even shared a few of photos on this blog, so my new blog is for my photography. And don’t let the name fool you. I create things under different names. I hope you’ll go over and have a look.

Meantime I’m coming along on my latest manuscript, The Scandal, so stay tuned.



Prescott, Arizona Travels

When I’m not writing contemporary romance I enjoy traveling and photography. One of my favorite places to visit is Prescott, Arizona. This scenic historic town is about a three hour drive from Tucson. Whenever I’m here I enjoy shopping, being pampered at the hotel spa, and, of course, photography. Courthouse Square is one of my favorite spots in Prescott. It offers plenty of shopping and unique restaurants. The historic Sharlot Hall Museum is also close by.

Another thing I do in Prescott is write. When I’m not shopping or taking photos I’m hanging out in my room and writing. There are fewer distractions here. I don’t have to stop in the middle of something to get to an appointment or run errands. More importantly, there’s no cooking or cleaning. The hotel is refreshingly quiet too. So please enjoy this video while I go to work on my next novel.

Marina Martindale


Southern Arizona Wine Country

When I’m not busy writing books I enjoy photography and traveling. I got my first camera when I was nine, and I loved photography ever since. And now, with new digital technology, I’m now getting into video. I learned a lot from my good friend, Rob Resetar, who created my amazing book trailers.

Did you know that there are some wonderful wineries in southern Arizona? I didn’t know about them until after I moved to Tucson. They’re located near the Mexican border in a beautiful part of the state. From time to time I’ll pack a lunch and spend a day there. I also used this part of Arizona as a locations in my novel, The Betrayal.

Here is a video montage I produced about our local wine country. You can see why it became the inspiration for McPherson Vineyards, the fictitious winery in The Betrayal.



Why My Books are Religiously Neutral

A graphic depicting a cross, a star of David, and a Hindu symbol.
Image by Fotolia.

Someone recently asked me an interesting question. Was The Reunion a Christian-oriented romance novel? I told her no, it was not. I want readers of all faiths and beliefs to enjoy my books.

There are authors out there writing novels geared toward readers of their faith. For example, last year I met Mormon author at a book signing. She informed me, quite matter-of-factly, that her books were LDS romance books. She included the words, “LDS Romance,” in all the her subtitles. And, because I’m not Mormon myself, she also looked down on me.

I’m pleased she has a faith that she believes strongly in. And if her religion enhances her life for the better then I’m all for it. However, from a marketing standpoint, she was limiting the scope of her readership to a very small percentage.

As someone who believes in a higher power, my characters are also believers, but none are churchgoers. I don’t want to endorse one religion over another. Any references made to God are generalized. Therefore, they are stated with phrases such as, “then we’ll all say a prayer that he’ll be be found soon, safe and sound.”

I admit to being more spiritual than religious. This means that while I believe in God, I don’t follow the dogma of any particular church. My parents weren’t churchgoers. As a result, I didn’t attend Sunday school as a child. As an adult, I’ve found that whenever I joined a church, regardless of the denomination, I never stayed long. This because of the inevitable back-biting and politicking amongst the various members.

So there you have it. I have my own set of spiritual beliefs. However, I don’t use my books to proselytize or endorse any particular religion. I leave that to the theologians.