About Marina Martindale

Like Gillian Matthews, the leading lady in her debut romance novel, The Reunion, Marina Martindale began her career as a graphic designer and artist. Over time, however, she discovered that writing was her true life’s passion.

“I love creating conflicted characters,” says Martindale. “They’re more like the people we meet in real life. I also like the complexity of romance. It’s an opportunity to delve into the human condition and understand why we make the choices we make.”

Good Oak Press, LLC., published The Reunion in 2011. Her second novel, The Deception debuted in 2012. Her other novels include The JourneyThe BetrayalThe Stalker, and The Letter.  Marina is currently working on her seventh romance novel, The Scandal.

“People often tell me that my characters seem so real,” says Marina. “Then, once they start reading, they say can’t put the book down. To me, that’s the best compliment you could ever give of a novel writer.”

For more information about Marina Martindale, please visit her website at marinamartindale.com.