A New Edit and a New Look for THE DECEPTION

The original front cover.
The original 2012 cover.

I’m doing a minor edit on an earlier novel, The Deception, while I wait for my editor to finish up my latest novel, The Letter. The two stories are similar. Those who have read The Deception will, no doubt, enjoy The Letter, and vice versa. I wrote The Deception in 2012. It was my second novel, and I’ve improved in my craft since then, so I wanted to do some fine tuning.

The story and its contents remain the same. Most readers won’t notice the editorial changes. I’ve removed some filler words and redundancies, and rephrased some of the dialog to make the characters’ points of view a little more clear.

The updated book cover.
The updated 2018 cover

The most noticeable change is the cover. Inspired by real-life stories of revenge porn, and the havoc it creates in people’s lives, The Deception is the story of a woman badly exploited in a profoundly ugly way. However, the original cover, shown above, has created some controversy as some have not understood the reason behind it. While still sexy, the new look is less controversial, and it blends well when displayed with my other titles.

The new, updated version  will be available in early February.