Meet Tonya Claiborne

a lead character in the contemporary romance novel Aquamarine Tonya Claiborne was first introduced in my earlier contemporary romance novel, The Betrayal.  She was the seventeen-year-old sister of Annette Claiborne, one of the antagonists, and I created her almost as an afterthought. Like her cousin, Emily, Tonya is an aspiring musician. She also has another talent; … Continue reading “Meet Tonya Claiborne”

A Thanksgiving Scene from Aquamarine

It’s Tonya’s first Thanksgiving in Los Angeles. George will be spending the day watching football, while Tonya’s mother and stepfather have come to visit her. Tonya meets her parents at their motel, and they drive up to Santa Barbara to spend the day with Mike. As the turkey is cooking, the conversation takes an interesting … Continue reading “A Thanksgiving Scene from Aquamarine”

Meet George Monroe

the manipulative villain from the contemporary romance novel Aquamarine When it comes to people to masking their real intentions, no one does it better than George Monroe. He’s the most diabolical villain I’ve created to date. In fact, he makes Craig Walker, from my romance novel, The Stalker, look like a choirboy in comparison, and … Continue reading “Meet George Monroe”

So Why All the Artists and Photographers?

We authors are told to write what me know, and so far nearly every lead character I’ve created is an artist of some kind. Gillian was a painter. Carrie was a photographer. Most recently, Tonya was a musician. Or they’re like Cassie and Stephanie, and they work with artists. Many of my leading men characters … Continue reading “So Why All the Artists and Photographers?”

Meet Mickey Lee Janson

a lead character in Aquamarine Mickey Lee Janson, also known as Mike Jablonski, was originally intended to be minor character in my contemporary romance novel, Aquamarine. However, like Jeremy Palmer, from The Reunion and The Journey, Mickey, or Mike, as he prefers to be called, had other ideas. Characters sometimes have minds of their own, … Continue reading “Meet Mickey Lee Janson”

It’s What I Wanted to Write

but at the time I couldn’t Aquamarine is, in some ways, the contemporary romance novel I wanted to write a few years ago, when I wrote The Scandal. The Scandal is the story of Lauren McAllen, a soap opera star who wants to break into the movies while Calvin Michaelson, the main antagonist, would live … Continue reading “It’s What I Wanted to Write”

A Preview of Aquamarine

Tonya Claiborne is a young music student who plans on becoming a music teacher. Her well-to-do grandmother was helping her through college, but it all came to a sudden halt when her grandmother unexpectedly passed away. Determined to continue her education, new employment opportunity has come her way, but once Tonya accepts the offer her … Continue reading “A Preview of Aquamarine”

Aquamarine Book Cover

Once again, cover artist Wes Lowe has come up with an amazing illustration for the upcoming Marina Marindale contemporary romance novel, Aquamarine. Aquamarine is a spin-off from an earlier Marina Martindale contemporary romance novel, The  Betrayal. Seventeen-year-old Tonya Claiborne is the younger sister of Annette Claiborne. A minor character in The Betrayal, Tonya is smart, outspoken, … Continue reading “Aquamarine Book Cover”

The Diversion of The Rival

Somehow between moving to a new state and living though the horrible Covid lockdowns, (which I call Covid Hell), I’ve managed to start working on my next contemporary romance novel. Interestingly enough, it’s called, The Diversion, and it managed to divert another planned contemporary romance novel, The Rival. Staying focused during Covid has been a … Continue reading “The Diversion of The Rival”

A Christmas Scene from The Betrayal

For your holiday reading pleasure, I’m sharing a sample from my contemporary romance novel, The Betrayal. Emily thought she had a good marriage until she caught her husband, Jesse, with another woman. Jesse however, has fought hard to win her back, and his efforts appear to have been successful. To celebrate their reconciliation, he’s taken … Continue reading “A Christmas Scene from The Betrayal”