Meet Ian Palmer

Leading Man in The Reunion

(c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / photography33

Architect Ian Palmer appears in most of The Reunion as a middle-aged man. He’s had a successful career, working his way to a prestigious position with a large firm. His personal life, however, has been less than stellar. He married the wrong woman for the wrong reasons, and the marriage ended badly. Now Ian’s life is about to change. He has a second chance with Gillian, his long-lost love, but his new-found happiness will soon be put to the test. Ian struggles to balance Gillian, parenthood, and his career, which is about to come to an unexpected and untimely end.

Ian also appears in the story as a young man. During the flashback chapters he’s an outgoing but ambitious college student who meets Gillian, the girlfriend of one of his classmates. The two quickly become friends. Later on, they’ll become more than friends. Unfortunately, Ian’s ambition and desire to succeed will be their undoing. This younger Ian who was inspired by someone I once knew, years ago, which is why Ian will always be one of my favorite characters. There are some people who we never forget.